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NONSOTV.COM is a video sharing website with many objectives such as building connection, entertainment, creativity and Lifestyles through video sharing.

  We are group of African citizens with the intention of changing the image of Africa through the media.  

Nonsotv.com  is one of Africa’s best video sites . We specialize in short-form original content. You are welcome to become part of this great movement, but our sole aim is to change that stereotypical way people look at Africa from other countries, to showcase the creativity of Africans, the fun side of Africans and the general Lifestyle of Africans. WE WANT TO DISPLAY OUR AFRICAN COUNTRIES TO THE WORLD using this medium. We want to fight against the general bad notion, which people have about us Africans and to show the world how awesome it is like to be an African blood. Trust me they will find it easy through NONSOTV.COM to understand our customs, creativity, norms and exactly what it is really like to live in any part of Africa. With this medium, we would love to take Africa to a greater height.

Everyone can Watch Videos on Nonsotv. People can see first-hand accounts of current events, find videos that will interest them, and discover the quirky and unusual.

NONSOTV.COM is there to show the world what countries in Africa are truly like via video sharing... Our first objective is to create more opportunities for people in Africa. Nonsotv.com videos are strategic promo ran on nonsotv.com, which will help people to have an alternative point of contact strictly for recommendation. Members and participants are going to upload their videos for the purpose of recommendation, recognition, advertisement, entertainment and feedback. We are trying to increase opportunity for people to be heard. Note that NonsoTv.com will leave no room for external interference. We have people with information but because there is little access to means of publication, their information don’t get to be published. We want to tell our news and lifestyles by ourselves and not having to depend on the foreign bodies to feed us with news of which when they do, they only give us the bad side, which makes our news flow unbalanced. News flow and unbalance puts limitation on the growth of African economy because the information being spread about Africans is not portraying us in the correct image.

This medium is not only going to create jobs but it’s also going to serve as a direct connection for anybody that is not able to be seen or heard. We want each African to showcase their creativity on NonsoTv, we want them to air their views, situation, circumstance via video sharing and trust the government will be able to know public opinion and allocate public goods to the right people and also put a check on negative externalities. Nonsotv.com is not only a video sharing website but also has social network features, you can make friends, and send them videos and private messages. Nonsotv also has built in rating system and comment system so that people can discuss on their interested videos, not only comment but also, people can rate Comments. Moreover, this is where you can come and laugh away your sorrows because there will be lots of funny stuffs for you.

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